Top Reasons to Purchase 8 Carat Lab Grown Diamond


Synthetic diamonds or also known as cultured diamonds have become the greatest innovation to natural diamonds, in terms of their impact on the natural environment and their wallet-friendly nature. Of all these, the 8 carat lab-grown diamond is unique and has the following features of a large and shiny diamond. In this buyer’s guide, we offer thorough insights into all details related to 8 carat lab-grown diamonds, including production process and market price, so a buyer could make adequate decisions.

That is the Idea behind Lab Grown Diamonds

Creation Process

Lab-grown diamonds are produced using two primary methods: HPHT and CVD are in the other category that can be used to deposit diamond films on a substrate, High Pressure High Temperature and Chemical Vapor Deposition. Both processes simulate the growth of diamonds and produce stones that bear similar chemical and physical properties to the mined diamonds.

  • HPHT Method: This process involves putting a tiny diamond seed in a carbon feedstock and putting the material under extreme pressure and heat. This grows incrementally with more carbon atoms joining the structure with the shape of a seed to become a diamond.
  • CVD Method: This technique involves using a diamond seed and introducing carbon-containing gas in a particular chamber. Usually, the gas supplying carbon atoms is ionized into plasma, making carbons set in the seed and depositing a diamond layer by layer.

Quality and Characteristics

They were subsequently found to have identical characteristics in terms of optical and physical properties to the natural diamonds. It is interesting to know that they are sorted based on cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Lab-grown diamond at 8 carats boast of an impressive size and serves as a focal gemstone when set in jewelry.

Some Benefits of 8 Carat Lab Grown Diamonds.

Environmental Impact

Lab diamonds are environmentally friendly. Their production is much cheaper in terms of energy necessary for making them, and no mining is implied which has negative impacts on the environment and ethical issues. Sourcing lab grown diamonds makes a positive contribution towards the social equation of the jewelry industry.

Cost Efficiency

For lab-grown diamonds, the most outstanding advantage is cost. Usually, an 8 carat lab-grown diamond costs 30%-40% less than a natural diamond of the same equivalence. It also benefits the consumer by being able to buy a much larger, more impressive stone for the same price as consumers had to pay for a lesser quality stone before.

Another Look at the 8 Carat Lab Grown Diamond

The Four Cs

  • Cut: It describes the ability of the gem to let light pass through and be reflected within such a cut. An ideal 8 carat diamond must possess perfect dimensions in order to display the optimal amount of fire and sparkle.
  • Color: When it comes to laboratory-grown diamonds, it is also known that they are produced in different colors. But now the demand is high for colorless diamonds ; fancy colored diamonds are also there as per customers’ requirement.
  • Clarity: This means the inside or outside aberrancy, i.e. the identification of defects from within or outside the firm representing reality. Cutting, polishing, and arrangement all contribute to the overall value of the diamond; the higher the clarity of the diamond the more priceless it will be.
  • Carat Weight: These diamonds are 8 carats each and thus are larger than diamonds of usual carat sizes and are all the more exclusive.


It is recommended that your 8 carat lab grown diamond receives grading and identification from a credible gemological laboratory, and worldwide renowned laboratories include: Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the International Gemological Institute (IGI). Certification eliminates the possibility of the seller rating the diamond, and gives an independent view of the diamond quality and genuineness.

Investment Potential

Lab grown diamond is steadily forming its prominence as an investment product. Their rising trends and the limited supply of the mined diamonds are impressive evidence supporting the growth of lab-grown stones. An 8 carat lab-grown diamond being very large and eye-catching to potential buyers is likely to see growth in its value fairly quickly.

Top five occasions to use 8 Carat Lab Grown Diamonds

Solitaire Settings

Solitaire setting offers minimum interference to the free size and glowing of the diamond. There is no better style to accompany an 8 carat diamond than this one as it emphasizes the laid-back elegance.

Halo Settings

Halo arrangements place one or more circles of small stones around the central jewel, which serves to beautify them as well as improve the intensity of the shine. This setting makes it perfect for anyone looking to achieve a little flash and glitz.

Three-Stone Settings

Three-stone setting is a kind of setting, in which there is a large stone in the middle, and two small stones on both sides. This kind of setting is a success of the past, present and the future and therefore can represent the best engagement ring and anniversary bands.


An 8 carat diamond that has been artificially created in a lab is indeed a testimony of the technologically driven world and a conscious effort to avoid any exploitation for the sake of greed. Another characteristic of this type of car is its great dimensions, and the other two factors that any buyer will find appealing – cost-effectiveness and concern for the environment. Whether it may be for investment, recreation or a special event, cutting to the 8 carat lab grown diamond delivers reliability and quality that will wow you.

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